Superintendent sends census reminder

Dear Parents and Colleagues,

This is the last month to submit for the census. Our students benefit from many programs stemming from census data, like school breakfast and lunch programs. Submitting is quick, easy and will benefit our kids for years. Help our kids. Be counted. Just click here - - and do it today.

An accurate response to the census is crucial for our schools and community. The census determines funding for many school programs, including:

· Teacher grants

· Special ed programs

· Pell grants

· School lunch & breakfast programs

· Office of State & Federal Program oversees much of these expenditures

· Tutoring

· Parental Involvement

· Literacy intervention

· Communities in Schools (CIS)

· Clothing & medical assistance or vouchers for students

· summer school

· Evening Study Center for parents

· Parent Resource Centers

· Robotics

· Art resources for fine arts teachers

· PE equipment

· Makerspace for math, science & engineering lessons

· Instructional labs at elem. schools

· Crime Prevention Specialist (teaches about dangers of substance abuse)

· Salaries for support staff.

· Help for At Risk kids

· Credit Recovery programs

Just click here - - and you are done.


J.A. Gonzalez, Ed.D. 
 Superintendent of Schools 
 McAllen Independent School District